Services We Provide:

  • Design
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Landscape Installations
  • ​Fine Pruning 
  • ​Storm Water and Drainage
  • ​CAD and 3-D imaging



MLA Crew

With each project comes a different set of requirement to produce the best garden possible. Depending on the project size, we like to install our strengths and use specialists as needed for the task at hand. Much of this derives from being able to obtain competitive pricing from an accurate plan and the project management to make sure no corners are cut, no opportunities go amiss, and we stay within our budget.  

Christopher Meyer, LLA

-A native of the Willamette Valley, Christopher is currently a Licensed Landscape Architect in Oregon and Washington and after 15 years of experience in high end residential design and landscape construction he became a Landscape Contractor. He believes that the design process should never be totally completed on a project. "Proper maintenance and material placement is essential. The more time we spend on site, the more opportunities evolve to create something special. The material itself directs much of my decision making during the design, building process and as the garden matures."  

Environmental Change:                                                                                            

  • MLA is offering free design work for all rain gardens and parking strip areas with install. We are committed to help make Portland a healthy, beautiful place to live. Currently our storm sewers are at capacity and disconnecting your down spouts is a great way to clean our rivers and beautify your home.                                   


  • Mary B. - NE Portland                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "Recently, I asked Chris Meyer to propose a project for my side yard, replacing two decayed trees.  I was extremely pleased with the outcome of this project, and all my neighbors compliment me frequently.  Chris was easy to work with; I really appreciated how he listened, how he reacted to my vision, and how he completed the job thoroughly and in a timely manner.  He allowed me to help with big decisions:  rock selection and plant selection, although he made critical suggestions.  Chris's knowledge of plants is very evident!  His work with stones and pathways is amazing. I enjoyed this project immensely and I'm very happy with the results."                                                    
  • Susan W. - West Linn                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      "I hired Christopher Meyer last summer to design a new deck and riverside landscape for a home I had just purchased on the Willamette River in West Linn.  Christopher was very thoughtful, thorough and creative as he approached the design process.  He is a very earnest person, and takes his responsibilities very seriously.  The design turned out beautifully, and incorporated all of the elements I had requested.  In addition to the design work, Christopher did some hands on work in the yard, and showed himself to be very hard working and extremely efficient.  I recommend him highly and would be happy to discuss his work with any potential clients."

Who We Are:

Design Process:

Every space is different and has its own unique reason for existing.
Our main objective is to create a series of living spaces and corridors that not only relate to each other, but also to our client, the surrounding environment, and to the buildings architecture.

  • We like to keep things conceptual in the beginning and start with a program of ideas and needs. The more pictures and material desires from the client the better at this stage to help establish the character and style of your new landscape. We design with and for our clients. 
  • We then create a base map of the property and come up with a few conceptual ideas showing plant massing with the hardscape design to convey our understanding of the different spaces and what we believe is required to achieve your objectives. For clients that are interested in our maintenance services, this is a great time to prune the existing plant material to give us a better understanding of the site .
  • Once a concept has been accepted, we refine the design and develop a budget and master plan so project phasing is organized and finish materials may be chosen.
  • A finalized plan is then completed so accurate pricing may be obtained and the finishing touches along with plant material may be specified.
  • We like to stay involved throughout the entire project to create a high quality landscape that exudes great character through a high level of detail and as-built plans.
  • We offer maintenance programs as well as seasonal pruning services to ensure our designs grow in the optimal direction and to protect your hard earned investment.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us for landscape consultations as well if you just need some professional advice.